Adventure Play: 1977 (N.F.S.)

These twelve paintings, like the Sheffield steelworks that followed them, were made from a series of photographs I took in various Sheffield parks; the idea was to convey that  'the parent and child relationship' could be experienced as powerful and dynamic as the world of industrialisation! [a feminist statement indeed!]
The social interaction connected with being a mother was also powerful and allowed entry into the  world nurseries, schools and social life that was challenging. These were no obvious barriers and the business of rearing children in the community was exciting and new to me;[ the complete opposite experience of my own childhood via 1950's Boarding schools....] and was full of colour, movement and delight.
I approached this project from a perspective of Hegelian aesthetics [meaning that content was superior to form], considering, as in the steelworks project, that content ruled over form – not a fashionable Modernist solution to the creative visual art process, but nevertheless, the one I adopted at that time.
All twelve works called Adevnture Play were purchased by the University of Sheffield Department of Pediatrics and became permanently housed in the Stevenson Building opposite Western Park, Sheffield.At that time I was Rose Parmakis, as stated on the paintings there.

Oil on canvas:100cm x 180cm