BBC TV Centre: 'Presentation Graphics': 1971 (N.F.S.)

Theseimages  are published Presentation BBC TV 'examples' that were used in 1970 to advertise forthcoming programmes that year: they  were created as visual ideas in response to briefs from individual programme directors. A new idea was needed  everyday, so as to create a popular style of image for the times; it was usually  a question of visiting the TV Props department to borrow items. These were then assembled spontaneously; photographed with typography  added by a different part of the Graphics Unit.There was a mood of lightheartedness to all the media produced in Graphics at this time, influenced by aspects of Pop Art - even when the content of the programmes was serious. The 'assemblages' were fun to produce and  well received by the department. [I never saw them on the screen myself, since I had no TV at this time, and was constantly on the move within London]. These were the only Graphic works that I did as a commercial project, apart from some Nuffield Foundation Educational Book Covers, before  I  're-trained' in Fine Art at the University of Exeter.

1970's TV graphics for the BBC A cut up plaster caste head with a spectrum of basic colours suggesting diversity.
A photo of part of Tate Britain with a mock -up of a Matisse image tied onto it with label and text.
An imitation Berlin image and Nazi Germany.
A plate of sandwiches on a silver platter with party labels to suggest the new Common Market concepts.
A continuation of Common Market unity from a Pop Art perspective.