Binary Fission 1986 [Arts Council of England Collection]

Binary Fission [ oil on canvas] 1986,was purchased by the Arts Council of England.This work can be seen in a current Arts Council publication on Oil Painting in Yorkshire in the 1980,sublishesd in 2012.The work depicted a Medusa like head but made up of different animal head on a female torso ; a wolf like figure lay sprawled out next to it. It was also  a self portrait of events in my personal life that could not be resolved, at this point in time. Despite its popularirty I wanted to work my way beyond imagery I considered borrowed from the 'mythosphere'; this was not instant and it was two years before I felt able to work on less 'personal' ideas and move out into the world of science, launguage and medicine.I was not one to persue something becuase others considered it 'successful'; I needed to address more political issues as I had done to date.However, this period of work was for me the least successful, as the chosen imagery remained highly romantic.

Arts Council of Enland collections -1986-87. Oil paint on canvas, 200cmx 300cm