Binary Fission, A Study: 1988

Myself in studio at Yorkshire Art Space Society , Sheffield in 1987 with one of a  series of large scale works on paper.In this large scale work there were conflicting directions at work within me. I was perceived by the 'art world' as a figruative painter, and although that suited me  becuase the subject matter was still exciting , I had wanted new perspectives to emerge from my practice. I could not go down the route of pure abstraction either since this could turn into empty ornament. I wondered why the 'modern artist' felt compelled  to create such problems - perhaps insurmountable ones-but I needed to discover "meaningful" reasons to remain creative. I was no formalist so had to draw on a mix of personal experience, politics and the contemporary practices of others.  But my imagery was worryingly Promethean  and seemed to belong to a bygone era. An enormous tension was set up  within my "image -making-fuctions", but it would be another year or so before I really approached new styles and methods. The contradictions in life were meant to be worked out on the canvas anyway, so that is what I did.

Oil paint on paper 200cmx 300cm
Text from publication No Limits: Women in the Arts. 1987