Ealing School of Art: 1969 Design Examples and 1970 Illustrations/Sketchbooks visible also in Kindle Book.

I attended a Foundation Year at Hammersmith School of Art in 1966-67, where the focus was on Karl Popper's The Open Society and It's Enemies. This work was to influence my entire life via art and politics and created a type of "mythosphere" around everything. But I could not follow my heart's desire to practice Fine Art at this point in time since my background demanded that I earn a living; psychologically, I needed to abandon the bohemian lifestyle that had been the remit of my parents and create a morally viable way of life for myself.
So I followed a vocational based course and became a graphic designer. Under the influence of Brian Cosgrove at Ealing School of Art between 1967/69, students were encouraged to draw from Pop Art ideas and to be as eclectic as possible. This was always fun and lead to my working in BBC TV graphics for a year after completing the Ealing Diploma of Art and Design; but it did not fit with the Left wing ideology that was to become my modus vivendi.
Between 2004-12  I wrote a short script about this period; having expanded it as AN EALING SCHOOL OF ART SKETCHBOOK: PORTRAITS OF THE LATE SIXTIES, it will be published an eBook in 2011.
In it I have presented some of the influences that were outside of the college remit that became major concerns in my work later on as a woman Fine Artist. Although the "DIP- AD"  two year course at Ealing was not Fine Art orientated, the staff encouraged innovations which reflected  the current modernist styles. There were no Clement Greenberg type of boundaries so no one was expected to play by any set of rules. Friends who were sculpture students at St Martins School of Art became strongly allied to the Fluxus movement at this time, and this influenced me to want to participate in a more theoretical and conceptual way in my own work .I was fortunate to meet and know Derek Jarman at this time and that in itself made me want to abandon the world of commercialism for Fine Art  ever after. Derek quoted Robert Louis Stephenson who had said: "There is no duty that we so much underrate as the duty of being happy !".  However, this did not happen until a year later after doing a stint at the BBC as a graphic artist, which I hope to have presented in the words and images that follow here. The quest therefore became how to realise  all aspects of life from the political to the personal. New Book on this period:as EBook- 'LIFE ART AND FREDDIE MERCURY-1968-70'. Details on Facebook.com/roserosepea

see also Facebook.com/roserosepea Lithographic poster Ealing School of Art Final Graphics Project.
Freddie Bulsara and Rosemary Pearson 1970 [ink drawing] Freddie and Rosemary 1970 [Ink drawing]