Icon, Index, Symbol: 1989 (N.F.S.)

This series was given the title of Saussure's, work ICON, INDEX, SYMBOL as a way of attempting to use gestural large scale painting to link to the idea of 'signs' and the process of making meaning from signs and signifiers.These images were based on observations down a microscope,made possible by Michael Arnold Williams, Professor of Anatomy at the University of Sheffield's Bio-Medical Department.
Attempting to make sense of seemingly random connections between 'matter'; it was an experiment that allowed little room for the way audiences might receive such 'abstractions' so presented only small concern for reflexivity.The scientific microscope had to give way to a broader perspective and a deeper focus, since I wanted to look at the ideas of Lucretius: 'On the Nature of the Universe', and notions of the current state of the ecology.
I was looking at ways of merging the disciplines of language forms [alphabet constructions] with the motifs of natural forms found  in local landscape. This was an impossible task, but I was determined to make work about impersonal subjects that were not given to Marxist or Feminist interpretation. The work  never developed sufficiently to be exhibited and I realized that I had to revert back to subject matter that was less challenging. This series [12 works] followed work called Instinct for Wholemess shown at Scaborough Art Gallery Yorkshire.

Earlier work bought by Claudine and Geoffrey Mitchell. Oil on Canvas:150cm x 200cm
Oil on Canvas:150cm x 200cm
Oil on Canvas:150cm x 200cm