Interior Rock and Roll: 1986 [Courtesy Museums Sheffield].

Interior Rock and Roll, 1986,was  purchased by Sheffield City Art Galleries for the Graves Gallery by Mike Tooby and Elizabeth MacGreggor.This was the last work in the mythological series and was quite cataclysmic for me on a personal level. It depicted the way I had viewed my life up until that stage:  a self portrait of an androgenous figure  riding a rocking horse with two heads!
The monstrous imagery reflected the way my  the conflict between art and life.[It was also an image that remained with me from my early art school days [1967-1969] and my relationship with the nascant Freddie Mercury.
It was therefore a personally difficult piece to carry out and was a dramatic finale to a long series of figurative works that I was not to engage with again.It also reminded me of early nineteen sixties Ealing School of Art experinces: an article about this  aspect of this work appeared in The Yorkshire Post later in 2006.
The image will appear on the book cover of 2015 Memoir: LIFE, ART AND FREDDIE MERCURY-1968-70
[ Permission from  Museums Sheffield for image to be used on the book's cover].

Yorkshire post article on Rose and F.Mercury + this image. Oil paint on paper 200cmx 300cm