'Life, Art and Freddie Mercury:1968-70' A Memoir: 2015.+ Growing up with 'filthy lucre': 1946-68: 2018- An Illustrated Diary.

LIFE ,ART AND FREDDIE MERCURY :1968-70 - a memoir: 
FREDDIE AND ROSEMARY- was 2008 originally a script for an animated film, based on drawings.SECOND EDITION : August 2018 . [Amazon KDP ebook].
New  cover image added plus 14 new illustrations.Some imagery on this site as  Images for Memoir as Second edition- 2018.
GROWING UP WITH 'FILTHY LUCRE':1946-1968 .- a memoir:
Prequel to Life, Art and Freddie Mercury: 1968- 1970. Available Amazas on KPD ebook. See also: Figurative Autobiographical Imagery -2018. 
These two autobiographies [with approx. 26 illustrations] are the result of several years research.
I am seeking a Hard Back Publication or Animated  hand-drawn  Film to merge the sequential memoirs together as

ebook cover design 2018 Growing up with 'filthy lucre' 1946-68 ebook cover
NEW COVER FOR KDP BOOK. Life, Art and Freddie Mercury-1968-70- NEW KDP COVER.