This monograph covers over forty years of artwork evolved from graphics, through to painting; assemblages and collage.Over time text and non-visual disciplines  have played an integral role in the working process and  inter-discplined concepts  have sought to challenge purely formalist ideas. A Feminist idiom runs through the work as a 'quest for identity'.

So the work has been consciously invested with a postmodernist reading; all aspects of my production can be said have been a mix of the allographic with the autographic.They have move between macrocosm and microcosm.  This has led to a mix of painterly and graphic techniques - sometimes looking back to the methods of the Russian Constructivists to inform my practice. 

In addition I have been influenced by the contempoary theoretical work of Helene Cixous and Mieke Bal via the concepts of Narratology. I began Linga-Franca, Objects of Desire + Opaque  between 2006-2012, and exlored many of the contradictions that these ideas throw up. The completed  images form a series of non-personal statements that serve as metaphors for 'aspects of identity';  yet stylistically, these motifs have gone full-circle. I have thus been re-reminded  of early Modernism that served as the modus vivendi for the ensuing works, since 2009.

Returning yet again to the Russian Futurism [Velimir Khlebnikov] I have continued  to  "put down the mind's cuniform". The resulting palindromes have a story to tell, described in detail in each series; the completed works have also sought to capture both transitory reverie and  a sense of cultural memory. These visualised ideas as painting, relate to notions of trans-migratory forces and the quest for identity via 'nationality' [ macrocosm ], and my own personal history as a child growing up in post war London in the 1950's to the present day [ microcosm].

Rose Rose- 2017 [formerly Rosemary Pearson] Rose Rose -March 2017. Outside Unstone Studio.