Objects of Desire : 2010 (F.S.)




18 small assemblages are presented in deep glazed gilt frames and seek to address the links between creativity and psychology .[Only some examples shown here]. The links include memory and narrative which are indicated by a tag/label within each piece.They are a portmanteau way of merging graphics with found objects: the  aim has been to create a creolisation of different disciplines such as narratology,history and identity.Each 'assemblage' presents items which form 'a relationship' with other parts of the composition, but by contiguity not ressemblance.

However,there is no firm reason for the composition to have fallen as it did, since each part is a 'trifle' that hopes to spark speculation. Each object is also a fetish [commodity/sexual]; they might be seen as intimate things that are falsely attributed with tangible value: all are manufactured and artificial. None contain any intrinsic "primary sensation" but exist in the tableau as props for the verbal statements.They contradict the Wittgenstein idea that 'the world is a totality of facts not of things....'

Each image reveals a state of mind about the processes of making artwork in the broadest sense. Subconsciously I dream of a break with notions of an Interested Cultural past, but in reality cannot ignore its continued presense.The content of this image seeks to counter that contradictory idea, since I am not thinking in terms of linear models of 'time'. As Walter Benjamin stated before 1940: "Every image of the past that is not recognized by the present....threatens to disappear irretrievably". So this work is about coming to terms with a past [since it affects the present], despite the many slippages of 'meaning' that this idea implies.



'The world as a totality facts not of objects' Objects of Desire: 2 [32 x 40cm framed]
The world a totality of facts not objects' Objects of Desire : 3 [43cm x 53 cm framed].
Objects of Desire :17 .'The world as  a totality of facts, not objects' Objects of Desire: 17 [37cm x37cm framed]
'the world as a totality of facts, not of objects'. Objects of Desire : 2 [framed horizontal view]