Opaque : 2010-2012 (F.S.)

THEMES: Reflective Practice/Romanicism/Creativity/Cultural Memory.


The ideas for the series were initially inspired by Futurist Velinir Klebnikov : 'Opaque' is a 'disglossia' that seeks to 'put down the mind's cuniform'! Klebnikov, influenced by the geometric patterns created by certain letters from the SANSKRIT alphabet, chose this meditative way of merging seemingly disparate elements.( He did this with word and image in his poem ZANGESI; a mix of form and content  he termed '"beyonsense" in 1922).

The work in total reflects on the nature of the creative process in image making and concluded the 'survey' made in both 'Linga-Franca' and 'Objects of Desire'.In a similar way, being long interested in the poetic language of both Sanskrit [through a study of Ayurveda] and the Russian Futurists,[since 1971] I created a series of  3D 'relief' style images relating to the notion of ancient / forgotten memory, each with its own history.In this way the work formed a follow-on stage from the' Linga-Franca' images. I made basic sketches first whilst repatinbg the Mantra 'OM' to begin the process, which I followed as part of " Reflective Practice". [See examples of sketches].


OPAQUE:5 ‘An Object Becomes an Object of Desire because it is desired by others.’

Bona-fida and mala-fida elements coexist in this disparate assemblage  which serves to anchor my present view of the processes  image production/ artwork  making; [however, the ancient Greek myth to which the title alludes seems to me as relevant today as ever].

I have presented a gold leafed volume of Shelley’s Poetry opened showing a comment on the making of his work by Mrs Shelley; above the book is a whip with a stone attached to one end and a dice signifying the element of chance in the process. I am aware that I have copied what has already" been copied" , but am not seeking to present an  image of total  ‘originality’!



altermodernism Opaque 5: Assemblage