Recto-Verso: 2012 (F.S.)

Current work as six small scale studies for frieze/murals on glass applying media 'on both sides'. The Recto-Verso title taken from the printing process of same name.Materials used are  Rotring + Marabuwerke Inks applied with Chinese brushes and Isograph pens on glass.
The imagery expands on earlier work in Linga-Franca; Opaque + Objects of Desire [2006-2011] based on archaeological evidence in the domain of the ancient East/West  'Silk /Road/Routes'.
A subtext for Recto-Verso  might bethe notion of 'Blood out of Stone' suggesting the impossibility of extracting real evidence from ancient artifacts from  human journeying and trade.Further suggesting the ersatz nature of the project, in the Post-Modern idiom, partially erased  texts within each works are abstracted from historical and contemporary travel-writing, with 'period-style' figuration mimicing diverse cultures [that have long flourished between East and West] .Whilst the title Recto-Verso suggests the specific technique applied, it also reflects the content of these experimental 'visualisations'.To to explored in future series as Recto- Verso: Part 2 [from April 2015].

Recto-Verso 1:70cm x 35cm image in flat Obeche frame as study for larger scale frieze.
Recto-verso Recto-Verso 2 [same details as 1]
Recto-Verso 3 [same details as 1]
Recto-Verso 4 [same details as 1]
Recto-Verso 5 [same details as 1]
Recto-Verso 6 [same detials as 1]