Routeprint/Rootprint: 2013 (F.S.)

In Routeprint/Rootprint I am presenting the beginnings of a series of painting/ graphics based on cultural memory themes as sequence of 12 works.The imagery seeks to expand ideas began  in Icon, Index,Symbol [1989]  and Genealogy [1990]. The use of alphabets from diverse Asian cultures in these earlier series were merged in landscapes like findings within archeaological sites from the Near East and Mesopotamia, along the notion of  'accessing' ancestral 'roots/routes' . These earlier 80's/90's projects were created prior to my knowlege of the writings of Helene Cixous, and so were only then ideas that came about obliquely so remained abstract and incomplete as a 'project'. Since 2006 I have returned to the basic ideas of this work to develop it much further, seeking more tangible definable outcomes and follow on from the Linga-Franca work of 2009.
The current Routeprint/Rootprint seeks a mix of all these ideas; so landscape,text and topography merge together to present new forms of 'observation' via  expanded research and visual 'evidence'.
This work uses a combination of painting and graphics and the concepts in the  Recto-Verso studies for murals of 2012 [ using both sides of a transparent surface  to 'mark-make'] and in doing  engages several disciplines and techniques simultaneously.The aim is suggest new interpretations  of topography and geography  in relation to the concept of transmigration of peoples over millenia. For example,ancestral records indicate my matrilineal family has been in England since 1580 but 'evidence' via my DNA  indicates my ancestors were of Asian origins. This notion questions the individual sense of identity or 'who-belongs-where' in the world.
In her writing  'Rootprints'  [1997] Cixous says :
We must go all the way to beyond
the possibilities of the instrument. But
We are here to lose.
I interpret this as ' loosing'  a narrow sense of indentity in order to discover a far broader and more inclusive one than is frequently the case.So the work is seeking to expand a sense of multiculturalism.
All work is framed in deep obeche wood as glazed oil and mixed media on canvas.

53x63cm Rootprints 1:53x63cm
64x74cm Routeprint 2:64x78cm
30x37cm Routeprint 3:30x37cm
39x39cm Routeprint 4:39x39cm
Routeprint 5:54x64cm
42x56cm Routeprint 6:42x56cm
Routeprint 7:44x57cm
34 x44cm Routeprint 8:33x44cm
37 x69cm Routeprint 9:27x69cm
27x33cm Routeprint 10:27x33cm
Routeprint 11:33x44cm
54x74cm Routeprint 12:54x74cm